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Cynical Bird - Allan, Austin, and Dave

About Us

Cynical Bird is Albuquerque's premiere variety band, playing an eclectic mix of rock, country, pop, jazz, Americana, and more. We are: Allan Esquibel (Songwriter/Guitar), Austin Munn (Bass), and Dave Vasquez (Drums). At the end of the day, we're just some dudes looking to play classic tunes for your business, party, or event. Please contact us for more information!

Meet The Players

Allan Esquibel - Singer, Guitar Player for Cynical Bird

Allan Esquibel

Singer, songwriter, guitarist, and a whole bunch of other things. Allan started Cynical Bird in 2006, and since then, he's written the songs, and odds are he's the one playing all the instruments you're hearing on the albums too (not to mention post production). He's won a handful of singer-songwriter contests around town, but he's not heady as he sets out on the next gig.

Cynical Bird live at Bird's Nest Studio

Austin "The Saj"

What do you call the guy who hangs around the band? This guy... Austin's been a fan of Cynical Bird for at least a decade, and stepped into the role as bass player just as COVID ensured there would be no gigs to play in the near future. Undaunted, he blazes ahead with all the undue confidence of any great bass player.

Dave Vasquez - Drummer for Cynical Bird

Dave Vasquez

Dave's the new guy. He says he's the manliest member of the group with three testicles to prove it. He also claims to have hailed from the forests of Scandinavia, where he learned the dark ways of metal drumming, but saw the light in a cutting session with Cynical Bird. Now, he's giving up blast beats for groovy tunes and good time rock'n'roll.

People We Like
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Cynical Bird -- Albuquerque's Premiere Variety Band for Good Times and Groovy Tunes in the Duke City
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